ESM Seminars


    After developing, practicing and teaching TBM for numerous years; Dr. Frank received several requests for a way people could help themselves, family members and friends.  ESM was developed in the early 1990’s.

    Energetic Systems Maintenance (ESM Seminars, Inc.) is a home health care program for the life style you want. It allows YOU to take charge of your own health. It is easy to use and to understand. ESM will teach you how to pay attention to the needs of your body. 

    This innovative, hands-on class is open to anyone who is looking for optimum health for themselves, their families, friends and the wellbeing of others.  You will learn how to bring your body into balance naturally with nothing to buy and no supplements to purchase. 

    Whether you are a mom desiring to help your family and friends, a health care professional or practitioner or someone who desires to help others, this is the right class for you.  ESM can serve as a stand-alone treatment or added to any other treatment you are receiving, giving or using.  ESM is a complimentary health care course that is easy to learn, a lot of fun and extremely powerful.

    You will learn how to balance every organ, system and bodily function without the use of any medication.  You will learn to remove the road blocks preventing optimal health in yourself and others.  You will become your own medicine cabinet! 

    You will be taught in easy to understand language and a simple to learn format, how the body works as a unit and what you can do to take control of the environment in your daily life.  E.S.M. will let you see immediately, by using simple muscle testing techniques, what foods or supplements are healthy for you and your family.

    The goal of ESM is to teach everyone how to maintain health in this environment by understanding “functional physiology” (how the body actually works as a unit, not as individual parts).

    ESM, using muscle testing, will show you how to balance organs and make sure they function to optimum level.  You will learn that by stimulating certain points in a certain sequence you will be able to eliminate many uncomfortable conditions such as colds, flu, upset stomach, headaches, etc.  Soon you will be so in tune with your body that you will be able to notice imbalances before they become illnesses. 

    You will also learn how to recognize that a dysfunctional organ may be creating short-term or long-term health problems.  ESM will also show you how to correct minor conditions to avoid major problems.

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