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ESM Seminars


Energetic System Maintenance - This innovative, hands-on class is open to anyone who is looking for optimum health for themselves, their families, friends and the wellbeing of others. You will learn how to bring your body into balance naturally with nothing to buy and no supplements to purchase.

Whether you are a mom desiring to help your family and friends, a health care professional or practitioner or someone who desires to help others, this is the right class for you.  EMS can serve as a stand-alone treatment or added to any other treatment you are receiving, giving or using.  ESM is a complimentary health care course that is easy to learn, a lot of fun and extremely powerful.

You will learn how to balance every organ, system and bodily function without the use of any medication.  You will learn to remove the road blocks preventing optimal health in yourself and others.  You will become your own medicine cabinet!

Things you will learn to improve include the following:

Heartburn – Headaches – Colds – Flus – Aches & Pains

The full E.S.M. course is designed for easy learning.  It is offered in several parts.  The complete basic course consists of Part 1 & Part 2.  Each class is approximately 20 hours long (including breaks).

Over the years the ESM program and techniques have grown.  We have added new information to help everyone learn and implement this program, as well as new techniques.

However, in the interest of keeping the original ESM program pure to Dr. Victor Frank’s vision, we have place all new techniques that have been added to the program into its own course. The additional classes are taught by Dr. Frank’s daughter, Dr. Lorann Frank-Blaine,

This course is absolutely “hands on” learning.

Part 1: In part one we teach you how to muscle test, where the bones are, over 40 body points and corrections, along with Water Utilization and Sugar Metabolism.

Part 2:  During the second part of the ESM Basic Course you will be taught how to put all of the pieces together.  You will also be introduced to the 5-element theory, learn to use a Time & Symptom Chart, learn how to enhance learning and a technique for ADD/ADHD along with a facial toning technique and others.

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Additional Classes Offered By Intuitive Wisdom

Course 1: This class includes simple to learn techniques for color therapy, chakra balancing and meridian therapy, as well as several more emotional techniques and other pathways for getting to the root of the problem.

Course 2:  This course will continue your knowledge with how the body works.  You will learn about metabolism, body programs, more body points along with several areas of emotional balancing, as well as techniques that will help with menopause and PMS. And, you will learn basic information regarding Ayurveda method.

Professional V-1.:  For those of you who treat patients/clients we have furthered our program, just for you.  This course offers additional body points and techniques that are geared just for you. You will also be introduced to Vials and their use. 

The rates listed below are the online pre-registration fee.  All registrations must be done 10 days prior to the start of the class to receive the discounted rates. Space is limited, so reserve your space today!


ESM Schedule for 2018

          TYPE            LOCATION        DATES                   Instructor


 ESM part 1    Phoenix, AZ.       Jan. 12 - 14              Dr. Lorann Blaine

 ESM part 2   Phoenix, AZ.       Jan. 25 - 27              Dr. Lorann Blaine


ESM part 1     Portland, Or.        Feb. 3                     Nevyanna


 ESM part 1       Madison, AL.    Feb. 9-11                  Dr. Lorann Blaine

 ESM part 2      Madison, AL.    Feb. 23-25               Dr. Lorann Blaine


Intuitive Wisdom 1    Detroit, MI.   March 16-18      Dr. Lorann Blaine

Intuitive Wisdom 2    Detroit, MI.   April 6-8            Dr. Lorann Blaine


ESM part 1       Detroit, MI     April 13-15                   Dr. Lorann Blaine

ESM part 2       Detroit, MI     April 27-29                 Dr. Lorann Blaine


 ESM part 1    OKC, OK.           June 15-17              Dr. Lorann Blaine

 ESM part 2   OKC, OK.           June 29-July 1     Dr. Lorann Blaine

 ESM 1 Instructor       Wilburton, OK.    July 9-11      Dr. Lorann Blaine

 ESM 2 Instructor       Wilburton, OK.    July 12-14   Dr. Lorann Blaine


Intuitive Wisdom 1    Wilburton, OK    Aug. 10-12      Dr. Lorann Blaine

Intuitive Wisdom 2    Wilburton, OK    Aug. 24-26     Dr. Lorann Blaine


  ESM 1          Roswell, Ga.          Sept. 13-15             Dr. Lorann Blaine

  ESM 2          Roswell, Ga.          Sept. 27-29            Dr. Lorann Blaine


  Condensed Class  Wilburton, OK.   Nov. 5-10      Dr. Lorann Blaine


Please contact each instructor for further details regarding each class and to register.  All prices vary depending on location and Instructor. 

 Hosting a Class

No matter if you are wanting to Hosting a single class or combining 2 classes, here are the guidelines.


1.    Host must have a minimum of 5 students.

a.     Dates will be tentatively set.

                                                    i.     Dates must be approved 60 days prior to class

b.    $100 deposit required per person to hold their space.

                                                    i.     Dates will be confirmed once deposits are received.

2.    Provide a meeting space.

a.     If the meeting space is complimentary.

                                                    i.      The host receives 25% off their registration fee and 10% off all of their sales items.

b.    If there is a fee for the meeting room.

                                                    i.     All meeting room space fees must be approved by the office prior to setting up dates.

                                                  ii.     The host receives 15% off their registration fee and 5% off all of their sales items.

3.    Rates

a.     Rate per class is $450

b.    Rate for 2 classes is $750 (second class is taught 14 days after the first class)

4.    Early Bird Registration discount for each student

a.     Anyone registering 30 days prior to class date receives 10% discount

                                                    i.     All registration fees must be paid in full 10 days prior to class.

5.    If you have 10 students, the 11th is free.

a.     Class is limited to 20 students.

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Please contact each instructor for further details regarding each class and to register.  All prices vary depending on location and Instructor.

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