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Jeanie Anderson, ND, CNHP
Portersville, Pennsylvania

Jeanie has over 30 years experience in helping people create a healthier lifestyle through education, counseling and the application of natural healing techniques.  Living and practicing under the belief that the vast majority of human ailments are caused by the pressures and abuses of a modern lifestyle, her focus is on “preventive maintenance” of our bodies so as to keep them capable of defending and protecting themselves. Her belief led her to Dr. Victor Frank and his family.

I am very thankful for Dr. Victor Frank and his knowledge and participation in developing Total Body Modification which was extremely instrumental in restoring my own health, Dr. Randall J. Frank for expanding his father’s work and developing his advanced healing technique called Natural Healing, giving me the ability to further help my clients, and Dr. Lorann Marie Frank-Blaine, for taking Energy Systems Maintenance (ESM) and wanting to make it a house hold word and for developing further aspects of this wonderful technique. With this tool I can now teach my clients and others how to maintain good health. 

A member of the National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals (CNHP), Dr. Anderson graduated from the Trinity School of Natural Healing.  She holds certifications in Total Body Modification (TBM), Natural Healing, Energy Systems Maintenance (ESM), Muscle Testing, Nutrition, Hormone Health, Healing Emotions, Children’s Health and Student of Ortho-Bionomy ®. Using these various techniques, she assists clients by focusing on the probable base causes of their problems instead of only addressing the obvious symptoms.  She has also developed a curriculum in Muscle Testing, Nutrition and Alternative Healing Methods, that she teaches at the local Community College. Presently working for the “Hormone Center” and assisting them in expanding their knowledge of natural healing.

Contact information

:           (724) 368-2098

Lorann M Frank-Blaine, ND,DD,MsD


Wilburton, Oklahoma

Dr. Lorann Marie Frank-Blaine, ND, DD, MsD

is the daughter of Dr. Victor L. Frank, DC (founder of ESM and TBM).


She began working in the Alternative Health field in 1977. In 1979 she became certified as a Chiropractic Assistant. In 1983 she studied under the International Institute of Reflexology and is a charter member of the Foot Reflexology Awareness Association.

She worked exclusively with several Chiropractors in Southern California doing Reflexology and T.B.M. (Total Body Modification).

Also in 1983 she graduated from American School of X-ray with her degree in musculoskeletal. In 1991 she became an E.S.M. Practitioner and in 1995 she became an E.S.M. Charter Instructor. In 1995 she graduated from the Clayton School of Natural Healing receiving her degree in Naturopathy.

In 2010, she studied the Natural Healing Technique taught by Randall J. Frank, N.M.D, C.T.N., D.M., D.D.

During her years of study, training, learning and practice, she has become proficient in other techniques such as NET (Neuro Emotional Technique), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy and many others.

hen not traveling around the Country speaking to groups and teaching ESM Classes, she resides in Wilburton, Oklahoma

Contact information:
Mobile:          918.302.8833

Valerie Chin, D.C.

Houston, Texas 

 Dr. Chin began working in the Alternative Healthcare field in 1990 when she became a Massage Therapist specializing in Deep Tissue and Sports Massage.

In 1993 she graduated college from Louisiana State University with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology. In 1995 she moved to Houston, TX where she went to chiropractic school and graduated from Texas Chiropractic College in 1998 with a Doctorate of Chiropractic.

Dr. Chin practiced in Houston, TX prior to moving to Sacrament, CA in 2001.

In 2002, Dr. Chin continued to practice as a chiropractor and began teaching at local massage schools, first as a massage instructor and later became the program director at two different local schools.

She opened her private practice in the Carmichael area in 2006.

As a chiropractor, Dr. Chin specializes in musculoskeletal problems as well as nutritional supplementation and emotional concerns.

Techniques used by Dr. Chin are Diversified, Applied Kinesiology, SOT, Activator, TBM (Total Body Modification), Thompson Drop and nutritional supplementation.

Dr. Chin has advanced training in Applied Kinesiology, Allergy Elimination, acupuncture and other alternative medicine techniques.

Dr. Chin became a Certified ESM Instructor in 2009.

Contact information:
:            (916) 704-5026

June Cristino, N.D., CNHP

Owasso, Oklahoma

June started her career in the medical field in 1987 when she graduated from Miami Dade Community College with an Associate of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene.  The field of natural medicine had always interested June and after almost 20 years of practicing Dental Hygiene she made a change in her career in 2007.  At that time she graduated from Trinity College of Natural Health as a Certified Doctor of Naturopathy.  She also became a Certified Natural Health Professional member.

During her time as a Naturopath June became certified in other treatment modalities such as Bio-set where she studied under Dr. Ellen Cutler .  She has also attended many of Dr. Brimhall’s training seminars.

June then became interested in TBM or Total Body Modification.  She is certified in Modules 1 and 2. This technique is taught by Dr. Kevin Millet D.C. and is the work of the late Dr. Victor Frank D.C.

Dr. Lorann Blaine the daughter of Dr. Victor Frank in an E.S.M. instructor, Energetic Systems Maintenance.  June wanted to learn as much as possible about Dr. Frank’s work and continued her studies under Dr. Blaine.  She became certified in E.S.M. and soon after became a certified instructor of E.S.M.

June currently practices in her home office in Owasso Oklahoma where she has resided for the last 20 years. She loves helping people and continues to learn.

Contact information:
:           (918) 274-1822


Earl H Dumm III


Earl has been utilizing Energetic Systems Maintenance (ESM) since 2014. He has taken the ESM Part 1 and Part 2, three times, and the advanced classes twice, (Advanced & Intuitive Wisdom). He is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University, with a liberal arts degree, reflecting his eclectic interest in a wide variety of subjects, including highly technical classes in the sciences.


His previous career was spent in high-tech, starting as a trainer at Apple Computer. The majority of his career was spent empowering individuals to understand new concepts; enabling them to take advantage of all technology's benefits. Once Earl learned about holistic health and in particular, ESM, it changed his life and health forever. Residing in Southeast Michigan, Earl is passionate about enabling individuals to be able to manage their own health & well-being.


Contact Information:

 (c) 248 770 5073

Randall J. Frank, NMD, CTN, DM, DD

Stuttgart, Germany

Growing up around Dr. Victor Frank provided Dr. Randall J. Frank with a unique foundation prior to his conventional education and training. He began studying under his father Dr. Victor L. Frank in 1963. In 1983 he became a Chiropractic Assistant. In 1984 he graduated from American School of X-ray with a degree in Muscular and Skeletal X-ray. In 1991 he became an E.S.M. Practitioner and in 1996 became an E.S.M. Charter Instructor. In 1995 he founded Natural Healing, the same year graduated from the Clayton School of Natural Healing receiving his degree in Naturopathy. He has studied extensively Herbology, Acupuncture, Functional Physiology, and T.B.M. He also studied Touch for Health, BEST, NET, Vector Point, Activator, AK, Toggle, Toftness, Diversified, SOT, Cranial Sacral, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Thompson, Gonstead, Condyle Lift, including numerous other alternative health techniques. He continues doing research and developing techniques specializing in Neuro-communication.

Randall J. Frank, N.M.D, C.T.N., D.D., has been involved in alternative health all of his life. He is the son of Victor L. Frank, D.C., N.M.D., D.O. founder of Total Body Modification (T.B.M.) From this one brilliant man came Functional Physiology. Many techniques have been developed in health care based on this philosophy including Natural Healing. Dr. Randall J. Frank was raised with this philosophy making it inevitable that he develop Natural Healing.

Natural Healing is the natural complement to TBM as they work together synergistically, maximizing and speeding up the body's response to healing. Natural Healing includes many short cut techniques (5-10 seconds) for long, complex TBM corrections, as well as many other techniques. Being raised by one of Americs leading chiropractors, Dr. Randall Frank was blessed with the opportunity to work at his father's side since childhood. Most doctors spend many years acquiring the advanced and diverse knowledge that Dr. Randall Frank was taught throughout his youth, as numerous Doctors, Chiropractors, Healers, Researchers and Philosophers sat at his family's dinner table. With such a wealth of resources, it is no surprise that Dr. Randall Frank developed such advanced healing techniques at such a young age.

Healing people comes naturally to Dr. Randall Frank, and so the name of his technique is Natural Healing He is very dynamic and enthusiastic when espousing his technique of Functional Physiology. Dr. Randall Frank has a compelling drive to heal every sick body around him; it was inevitable that he join the healing profession. Due to Dr. Franks overwhelming compassion and belief that the body can heal anything, he will not allow himself to be governed by current thinking in popular science, allowing new and emerging possibilities in healing. If you do not try to heal the impossible you will never get there.

Today you may not have the knowledge, but tomorrow is a new day with access to new information to fix what could not be fixed yesterday.
Contact Information:
Mobile:        (0171) 476-7209
                        Out of Germany: +49 (171) 476-7209

Rebecca Gonzales, LMT

Kansas City, Missouri

Contact information:
:           816 510-4447


Heidi Lewis

West Valley City, Utah

Heidi Lewis is a Massage Therapist, TBM Practitioner, ESM Instructor, Essential Oil Consultant, and a Reiki Master. She enjoys helping her clients to have the healthiest body they can have.  Teaching ESM to families is the best for her because she loves to share her knowledge.  She is always willing to answer questions, just email or text her and she will find the answer for you. 

Heidi lives in Salt Lake City, UT with her husband and four children.  She enjoys camping, hiking, crochet, cooking, baking, being with her family and having a good time.

Watching people learn to take care of themselves is one of her favorite things.  Teaching people to be healthy and listening to the body is so very important.  Being an ESM Instructor has given her the ability to take her knowledge and share it with others

Contact information:
:          801 963-1603


Phillip Jelinek

Anaheim, CA

Phillip Jelinek worked in the trades for 18 years and has been a high school teacher for over 25 years and is now retired. He has been trained in and been an AK (Applied Kinesiology) practitioner for over 30 years. Twenty years ago he developed dermatitis to which no one could find a solution. After extensive searching, he found alternative methods of healing and healthcare, including T.B.M. Amazed by the effects these methods had on his dermatitis and other problems, he began using T.B.M. and became a T.B.M. practitioner in 2006. With a passion for empowering those to take control of their health, he felt compelled to become an E.S.M. instructor so that he could educate the public on how to put the power of health back in their hands, where he feels it belongs. Phil became an ESM instructor in 2007. He is a resident of Orange County, California.

Contact Information:


Mobile:  714-270-1943

Nevyana Trifonova is a fourth grade teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada. She moved from Bulgaria fifteen years ago, and has been recognized as “Outstanding Student” at the Fifth Annual Literacy Awards Ceremony in  2001, “Cambridge Who is Who” for Executives and Professionals in 2007, awarded a Certificate of Recognition for Perfect Work Attendance in 2009, and Best Classroom Climate” in 2010. She was also nominated for “2016 Nevada Teacher of the Year Recognition Program”.  

Nevyana completed her first Bachelor of Science in Economics, and Master of Science in Marketing and Management in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2008, she earned a  Master of Arts of Education degree at the University of Phoenix. Nevyana’s degree collection continued with a Doctor of Divinity in 2010.

Growing up and learning from her grandmother, who was a natural healer, working with children with behavioral and learning challenges, as well as facing her own health difficulties, sparked her interest in the holistic approach to health care. She took her first ESM seminar in June of 2009 with Dr. Lorann Blaine MD.,DD.,MsD, and was blessed to learn from the phenomenal founder of ESM and TBM, Dr. Victor Frank. He encouraged her to continue learning and attend TBM seminars, which she did following Dr. Kevin Millet, and Dr. Tim Francis in the last seven years.

In the summer of 2015, Dr. Lorann Blaine mentored Nevyana Trifonova to get certified as an ESM instructor. Nevyana is inspired to continue the legacy of ESM, and is eager to share the powerful knowledge, and miraculous experiences with ESM worldwide. She is honored to present ESM in Las Vegas, NV in February, 2016.

Contact Information:

Phone:   (702)321-4351.  
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