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"I find E.S.M. simple to use, that it is precious, precise knowledge, powerful and it works. The first time I Balanced a friend, I was so amazed to see the muscle test going weak to strong. Muscle testing on its own is amazing. I don't think that I will ever lose the feeling of being amazed, especially when seeing results, when the person says: "Wow I feel better, wow my pain is now gone."

 Like my friend had an acute lower back pain, I checked the organs of that area, it needed balancing, and then her pain went away.

 My animals benefit from the technique as well. My dog had a bladder infection; she was balanced every day until gone. No antibiotics were needed and that type of problem is a serious issue.

 The first person E.S.M. is good for, is our self. My husband and I sugar problems are now, not only under control, but gone, cured. The organs are restored and function normally. My body didn't use water very well, after adjusted, an instant relief and wellness happened.

 One time, I had indigestion, I adjusted all organs involved that needed balancing, I also massaged the acupressure points, and then gone, I was feeling fine. It is like magic, but in fact very scientific."


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Jacquina S. RN B.S.N, Covington, WA said:   January 15, 2015 11:13 am PST
I have been a TBM practitioner for many years and have taken Mod 1-3 several times. I was told Energetic System Maintenance (ESM) was TBM for the lay person. So why would I take an ESM class? Let me tell you why. After attending a Healers weekend I was impressed with Dr. Lorann Frank-Blaine and the techniques that she had. I wanted to learn more so I took Part 1, Part 2 and the Advance class. I learned the emotions that goes with different organs and several body points that TBM does not have. I also was taught about hidden (Thenar) sugars and different emotional sugars. This alone was worth the class as sugars are one of the foundations for a healthy body. In the Advance class there was lots of gems like color therapy, chakra balancing, ribboning which helps with reoccurring problems, and meridians therapy this is wonderful as it helps clears and balance meridians without being an Acupuncturist. These are just a few things not to mention the fabulous vials that have been time saving. ESM has been a great asset to my practice. I highly recommend the ESM classes whether you are lay person who wants to help family and friend or a professional who wants to expand your knowledge, learn techniques to help with those difficult patient or just add tools to your tool belt.

Brenda, So. California said:   February 1, 2014 12:14 pm PST
I have had severe anxiety for over 15 years. I was prescribed Xanax for this condition, but I didn't like the way it made me feel. So I stopped taking it and just suffered. The doctor I work for, Dr. Nolan, took your advanced seminar over a weekend in December. That Monday when I went to work, he did a treatment on me from his new test kit with the amazing things he had just learned. Since that treatment, I have hardly had any anxiety. My sleep issues seem to have resolved too. I feel more focused and most importantly relaxed. This is amazing stuff!! I am very grateful to you for developing this technique!! It has truly changed my life this past month. Blessings, Brenda S

P. Jelinek , Anaheim, CA said:   February 1, 2014 12:11 pm PST
“I find that the ESM Professional V-1 class was the best class I have taken in years. The techniques and associated vials I learned have transformed my practice and my clients. They have felt the change and have commented to me about those differences. I believe the ESM Professional V-1 class techniques and associated vials enhance other techniques/vials and is the missing piece needed with difficult client problems.”

Dr. Valerie, Houston, TX said:   February 1, 2014 12:10 pm PST
"ESM is a wonderful tool to have in your tool belt. It teaches you how to think backwards. If you know TBM, Natural Healing, or even NET, and you run into having to do problem solving, you will fall back to the foundation. This foundation is ESM. ESM will help you see the emotions, the organ, the meridian, vial and much more when thinking backwards. ESM has also grown so much into its own technique in the hands of Dr. Lorann Frank Blaine, Dr. Victor Frank's daughter. I look forward to the future of ESM and how it will help me in my practice."

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