About ESM

Energetic Systems Maintenance

  •   Would you like to learn how to “reset” the body’s bioelectric system (and organs) in order to stimulate the body to heal from problems created by stress, illness, depression, and accidents?

  • Would it be useful if you could help your family or friends who were suffering from colds, flu, upset stomach, headaches, prolonged fatigue or ADHD? 

Energetic Systems Maintenance (ESM) is a technique that was developed in the 1990’s to treat the causes of illness in the body, rather than just treating the symptoms. By stimulating specific points on the body, ESM “resets” the body quickly and painlessly. ESM complements all traditional healing methods.

There are electric and magnetic bio-fields in the human body that are associated with heart and brain function, blood and lymph flow, ion transport across cell membranes, and many other biological processes. Conventional medicine measures the bio-fields of the heart and brain using electrocardiograms (ECG) and electroencephalograms (EEG) for diagnosis.

With ESM you can communicate directly with the nervous system to find out where the problem is in the bio-field, and the information needed to correct it. ESM communicates with the nervous system through muscle testing and identifies what body points need to be corrected to reset it to optimum performance (kind of like tuning up an engine).

By stimulating specific points on the body, ESM “resets” the body quickly and painlessly. ESM complements all traditional healing methods.

Continuing in her father’s vision, Dr. Lorann M Blaine, ND, DD, MsD began developing the Advance class. The first class was in 2013, and it is now grown to Advance 1 & 2, Master 1 with Master 2 in development. All of the new classes use the ESM basic 1 techniques as the foundation for all of its techniques. 

This innovative, hands-on class is open to anyone who is looking for optimum health for themselves, their families, friends and the well-being of others. You will learn how to bring your body into balance naturally with nothing to buy and no supplements to purchase. 

Whether you are a mom with a desire to help your family and friends, a health care professional or practitioner or someone who desires to help others, this is the right class for you. ESM can serve as a stand-alone treatment or added to any other treatment you are receiving, giving or using. ESM is a complimentary health care course that is easy to learn, a lot of fun and extremely powerful. 

You will learn how to balance every organ, system and bodily function without the use of any medication. You will learn to remove the road blocks preventing optimal health in yourself and others. You will become your own medicine cabinet! 

What is ESM?


What is ESM?

Energetic Systems Maintenance (ESM), formerly known as Environmental Stress Management, is a technique that opened up to the public in 1995. Dr. Victor L. Frank, D.C., released the simplified version of Total Body Modification (TBM) - a technique that has been taught to Primary Health Practitioners internationally for over 30 years. 

E.S.M. is a home health care system that is designed to educate you and give you the power to strengthen and take control of your own health. 

By using simple muscle testing techniques we will teach you how to test to make sure your body is working properly. The corrections are simple and easy to use.  We teach you how to take the “roadblocks” out so the body can heal itself.

It is easy to use and to understand and will teach you how to pay attention to your body as it tells you what is out of balance before it becomes a problem. ESM can be used anywhere at any time.

ESM’s goal is to teach everyone how to maintain health in this environment by understanding functional physiology? (How the body actually works as a unit, not as individual parts). ESM will help you understand the five element theory and how it affects you. You will learn how eastern philosophies have helped us understand that the energy of the world is similar to the energy of our body.

ESM will let you immediately see what foods or supplements are healthy for you and each person in your family. ESM will show you how to balance organs and make sure they function to optimum level. 

ESM will teach you how the body works together with the various organs and how to recognize that a dysfunctional organ may be creating short term or long term health problems.

You will learn that by stimulating certain points in a certain sequence you will be able to eliminate many uncomfortable conditions such as colds, flu, upset stomach, headaches, etc. ESM will also show you how to correct minor conditions to avoid major problems.

Soon you will be so in tune with your body that you will be able to notice changes before they become illnesses.

How is ESM taught?

The full E.S.M. course is designed for easy learning. It is offered in several parts. The complete basic course consists of Part 1 & part 2. Each class is approximately 20 hours long (including breaks). Each class is usually taught Friday night 6 pm – 9 pm and Saturday and Sunday 9 am – 5 pm. For your convenience ESM has numerous instructors across the County. 

You will learn how to reset the overall tone of the autonomic nervous system, help the body to detoxify, re-establish healthy regulation of blood sugar, and help the body to properly use water. You will also be prepared to deal with clients who struggle with depression, anxiety, insomnia, organ-centered problems, fatigue, blood sugar issues, weight management, addiction, and general health maintenance.

This class is for anyone who wants to find optimum health for themselves and others by bringing the body into balance naturally, without the use of drugs or supplements. You will learn:

· How to balance every organ, system and bodily function without the use of any medication.  

· How to correct minor conditions to avoid major problems. 

· How to remove the road blocks preventing the body from healing itself.  

· How to treat many health conditions at home, easily - before they become major health issues. 

· How to see immediately what foods or supplements are healthy for you and each person in your family. 

You will be taught in an easy to understand language and simple to learn format, how the body works and what you can do to take control of your body's environment in your daily life. 

You will learn where the bones are and the function of the organs and how they all work together.

You will receive an E.S.M. tool that will allow you to stimulate meridians in certain sequences in order to balance out the energy going to a specific organ or body function. 

Basic Classes

Basic 1: In part one we teach you how to muscle test, where the bones are, over 40 body points and corrections, along with water utilization and sugar metabolism. We have added new graphics as well as a couple of new techniques.

Basic 2:  During the second part of the ESM Basic Course you will be taught how to put all of the pieces together. You will also be introduced to the 5-element theory, learn to use a Time & Symptom Chart, learn how to Enhance Learning and a technique for ADD/ADHD along with a Facial Toning technique.

You must attend Part One (or all 5 modules in previous format) prior to attending Part Two.

Advance Classes

 Now that you have learned the ESM Basics, let’s continue your adventure with the New courses offered. These classes are only taught by Dr. Lorann Marie Frank-Blaine, ND, DD, MsD, the daughter of Dr. Victor L. Frank, D.C., the creator of ESM, TBM (Total Body Modification) and Functional Physiology.

You will learn more techniques she learned from her father including techniques she herself developed. It also includes techniques developed by her brother Dr. Randall Frank, NMD, CTN, DM, DD, her sister Dr. Sai-Ling Michael, DC as well as several other people.

This course is absolutely “hands on” learning.

Advance 1: This class includes simple to learn techniques for color therapy, chakra balancing and meridian therapy, as well as several more emotional techniques and other pathways for getting to the root of the problem.

Advance 2: This course will continue your knowledge with how the body works. You will learn about metabolism, body programs, more body points along with several areas of emotional balancing, as well as techniques that will help with menopause and PMS. And, you will learn basic information regarding Ayurveda method.

In order to attend you must have attended Basic Part 1 and Part 2.

Master classes

 Master 1: For those of you who treat patients/clients we have expanded our program, just for you. This course offers additional body points and techniques that are geared just for you. You will also be introduced to over 355 vials and their use. 

Master 2: This class is still in research and development.

Instructor Retreat

 For the Instructors we offer an annual class that keeps all instructors up to date with the latest information and techniques.